History and General information about Group of companies VariUs

2004 – Establishing of Technical Centre VariUs. Our company has combined in its staff the specialists of some leading design departments, product engineers, who have the period of experience of more than 20 years, and employees with a great experience of work in commercial enterprises of technical area. We have posed a few tasks, connected with the complex supplies of equipment, tools and accessories to the machine building enterprises of Ukraine.

2005 – The Department of Modernization of CNC Machines was opened. We have also created our own laboratory for the efficient preparation of equipment, testing and repair of the component control systems, machine magnetics, servo drives and measuring apparatus.

2006 – Establishing of the Training Centre for new employees and customers’ specialists on the base of CNC and Component Parts Laboratory.Thanks to the participation of the specialists of TC VariUs in the programs of monitoring and balancing of rotary bodies (shafts and rotors of heat stations and nuclear power plants, working wheels of smoke suckers and compressor stations of metallurgical plants, etc.), in the same year enterprises of power and metallurgical industries became our Customers.

In the same year, our customers become the company’s energy and metals sectors through the participation of experts TC VariUs in monitoring and balancing of rotating bodies programs (shafts and rotors TPP and NPP, impellers smoke exhausts and compressor stations, steel mills and so forth).

2007 – Establishing of TaeguTec Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk, jointly with TaeguTec (South Korea) – this is for providing our Customers with efficient technological support in the field of deliveries of TaeguTec accessories and tools. Start of aggressive engineering activities.

2008, February – Establishing of separate company VariTec LTD, which specializes exclusively in supplies of modern metalworking equipment. Our company ensures carrying out of installation works, training, warranty and after-sales service.

2009 – The subsidiary of our company in the city Rostov-na-Donu (RF) – company Engineering Centre TaTechnology was opened – this is for having the possibility of providing prompt replies to the queries of Russian customers as well as for providing the qualitative service of metal-working equipment, supplied to the customers from Russia.

2011 – On the base of CNC machines service center Training Class for specialists of Ukrainian industrial enterprises was created and successfully operate by the method of the modern equipment operation.

2012 – Establishing of the new Office Building (750 sq. m. area), including exhibition space and classes for technical workshops and specialists training. In addition, modern show-room for demonstration of CNC machines with innovative metal-cutting tools was created on the territory of the Center.

2014 – Establishing of two new Partner Companies:

Customs and Logistics Company VIVAT offers a wide range of services in the field of customs clearance of goods and services for subjects of foreign economic activity on the territory of Ukraine. Working with any type of cargo in any direction. The experience of licensed employees of CLC VIVAT allows customers to quickly and efficiently fulfill their obligations under foreign economic activity contracts to foreign partners.

Company VariTerm specializes in the supply of industrial heating and heat treatment furnaces enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, machine building, energy, glass and ceramic industry.

2017 – A transport company FidelIs was established on the base of the Transport Department of TC VariUs – this is for providing uninterrupted supplies of equipment and accessories to our customers.