Horizontal Boring and Milling Centers JUARISTI

Company JUARISTI develops and manufactures machining centers since 1941. At the factory, located in the north of Spain constructed drilling, milling and high-precision machining centers. Determining factors of development of the company is innovation and international cooperation.

Machining centers JUARISTI sold in almost all countries of the world through an extensive network of its own branch offices and distributors: 85% of turnover is exported.

product quality, commitment to service and supply of special solutions according to customer needs are key factors that have enabled the company to achieve JUARISTI current level of development and the satisfaction of the end-user equipment.

Studies that get results in the development of new tools, attracting customers to cooperation, led to a sharp increase in the share of the market with a wide range of high-precision boring and milling centers.

Experience and knowledge of the market trends, supported by a flexible structure of the organization contributed to the development of four new series of fully automatic processing centers with a triple system of rails.

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