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Technical Centre «VariUs»

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Technical Centre «VariUs» is one of the more important companies on the industrial market of Ukraine.TC «VariUs» specializes in the integrated equipment with industrial facilities, toolware, spare parts and provides the enterprises with the full service in delivery, reconstruction, major repair and modernization of metal-processing equipment, including the machineries with CNC system.

Technical Centre «VariUs» has an opportunity to supply:

    Toolware and equipment:

  • Measuring instrument and devices («I.D.F s.r.l» (Italia) and others)
  • Carbide Inserts («TaeguTec» (Korea))
  • Equipment to metal-processing and press-forging equipment
  • Ballscrew pairs
    Machine and system CNC

  • CNC systems, numerical indicators set, sensors, driving gears («Siemens» (Germany), «Fanuc» (Japan) and others.)
  • Bandsawing machines (JAESPA – Maschinenfabrik (Germany) and saws («WIKUS» (Germany))
  • Spray painting equipment and accessories («Graco Inc.» (США)
  • Cutting equipment
    Vibration-based diagnostics, balancing, alignment and software:

  • Workplace automation Software for chief engineer, mechanical engineer, power engineering specialist (for the first time in the market of Ukraine)
  • Vibration monitoring complex and software (Association «ВАСТ» (Russia) and others.)
  • Balancing devices and software (Russia)
  • Alignment and software (ООО «ViТeк-Avtomatika» (Russia), «Damalini AB» (Sweden))
  • ibrometer, tachometer, control of bearing test bench
  • Devices and plants of the ultrasonic and magnetic powder inspection, bench-top and stationary monitoring and diagnostics systems of the rotary equipment («ВАСТ» (Russia))
    Technical Centre «VariUs» carries outrepair of metal-processing equipment. During repair the following volume of work is accomplished:

  • Dismantling and detection of the machine
  • Rebuilding or substitution of the worn unit
  • Back up of the machine geometry (stand guide grinding)
  • Repair or complete substitution of hydraulic and electrical equipment
  • Substitution of Systems CNC
  • Painting и assemblage
  • Testing according to the technological accuracy norms of the machine
  • Guarantee and after-guarantee service
    Technical Centre «VariUs» gives the followingservices:

  • Vibration monitoring of the defects and their development forecast in the next units of the rotary facilities or of the machines in whole:
  • — Roller bearings, slip bearings
    — Mechanical, belt or tooth gears, ready-assembled rotors
    — Electromagnetic system of the electrical machines and etc.
    — Working wheels of the fans, pumps, turbines

  • Balancing onto the own support device and on the balancing machine
  • Training and consultation about the purchased equipment and provided services

There are the following facilities which are the subject to the vibration monitoring, balancing and alignment: turbines, pumps, fans, compressors, turbosets, motors, generators or other production equipment with the rotating units.

    Provided services and delivery of the vibration monitoring, balancing and alignment equipment will allow you:

  • to reveal the defects of the assemblage/installation
  • to assess the quality of the repair
  • to forecast machinery trouble-free life and prevent its emergency stop
  • to recommend the period and the volume of the repair work
  • to reduce the repair and spare parts expenses no less that 30% and to have extra benefit at the cost of the inactivity machinery decrease

In order to have detail information about the before-mentioned facilities, an unpaid consultation and single demonstration testing can be given by our experts on the territory of the Customer.
To put on a performance above-named work our enterprise has highly skilled engineers, which have been trained adequacy. We have also the manufacturing area for retrofitting and modernization of the facilities.
Our Centre provides a guarantee for all supplied mechanical facilities. We aim to support the high quality of the supplied and repaired facilities.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with You.