About Technical Centre «VariUs»

About Technical Centre «VariUs»

Technical Centre «VariUs», working at the industrial market of Ukraine, is the largest company, which specializes in supplies of equipment, tools and spare parts to the enterprises of Ukraine. Our company provides the full service in development of technology as well as delivery and after- sales service of metalworking equipment. TC “VariUs” specializes in providing the enterprises

TC “VariUs” specializes in providing the enterprises with up-to-date technologies on the basis of the following metalworking equipment, component parts and automation devices:

(turning and milling machining centers. The best, in Ukraine, combination of quality and price of equipment, full assortment). Company DOOSAN is one of the TOP-5 producers of machine tools in the world.

(The best offer for the production program of more than 100 000 pieces of parts per year. One machine is able to replace up to 10 serial machining centers).

(Cutting tools, component parts, technological support, beginning from the drawing of the part).

(Full range of boring systems with high rigidity).

(Sliding calipers, micrometer, internal calipers and others in vernier and numerical version, hardness meters, roughness meters, etc. The best prices in Ukraine and availability at the warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk).

(Multifunctional CAM system for wide range of programming tasks for tools manufacturing at machines with CNC).

In the network of any task in the field of machining the specialists of Technical Center can offer the service in the most effective selection of tools, component parts and tools, moreover they can offer the service in debugging of technology with the further support. As a result, even before buying the equipment, the Customer knows the sum of planned costs, future productivity, has the sequence diagram of each part’s production and, accordingly, knows the net cost of products. Main advantage of work with TC “VariUs” : one company is responsible for the whole process of production preparation. The transfer of responsibility for discrepancy of plans and reality from machine operators to tool makers and back- becomes impossible.

Specialists of technological department of our center (is more than 60 persons) knows all about the whole nomenclature of cutting tools which are produced both by TaeguTec and by other producers.

The presence in our company of Service Centre on servicing the machines with CNC systems allows to cut to the minimum the idle time of production due to the equipment failure.

Our company provides manufacturers with the full set of necessary information and support. Our offer about seminar:

With the aim of manufacturers’ acquaintance with the opportunities of DOOSAN equipment, technologies and approaches of STAMA in mass production as well as with the advantages of tools and component parts of TaeguTec and facilities of CAM program ESPRIT our company holds technological seminars at its training facilities or at the Customer’s site.

Videos of real work of equipment and tools are demonstrated during the seminar. We also acquaint technicians with the most up-to-date developments of companies in the field of machining. Methods of solving the target tasks of the definite enterprise (types of machining, materials, cutting conditions, mature technologies, etc.) are discussed during the seminars.