Machining centers MILLSTAR

Machining centers MILLSTAR

MillStar – a rising star on the market metalworking equipment Ukraine

Since 2008, the market metalworking equipment Ukraine presented the company MILLSTAR – manufacturer of a wide range of high quality milling CNC machining centers, the relevant requirements of the international quality system standard production ISO 9001/2000.

Fig.  1. Vertical machining center MV 1000

MILLSTAR company lives up to its name: Milling – milling. If you have a problem related to the high-performance milling, machines that allow the Taiwanese manufacturer to perform virtually any operation related to the rough (power) or with a final milling.

Along with the expansion of supply and increased production program, the company pays great attention to product quality – in 2002 MILLSTAR plants received international certificate ISO 9001/2000 Quality Management System. 
This will significantly strengthen the company’s position not only in the traditional Asian markets (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India and China), but also in Europe (England, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and others.) And American (US, Canada Mexico, Argentina, Brazil) markets.

MILLSTAR product range includes over 50 models and with significant investment in R & D department (research and development – research and development) annually updated with new models to meet the continuously growing demands of consumers.

The production program is divided into 6 series equipment. Let us consider in more detail the basic 4 series. MV series

Series MV – vertical milling machining centers (Figure 1), the distinguishing feature of which (Table 1) are box-shaped sliding guides for displacements along the axes X / Y / Z, simplicity and reliability, and relatively low price. Spindle drive as standard 7.5 / 11 kW (S1 – nominal, continuous operation / S4 – 30-minute intermittent operation), as an option actuator 11/15 kW. Spindle speed 8000-10000 rev / min – enables cutting with a high class of surface cleanliness. Final assembly shop MV series in Figure 2.

Fig.  2. Shop final assembly of the MV-Series


series LMV

LMV series – vertical milling machining centers, which are a feature of rolling linear guides (roller bearings) for movements along the axes X / Y / Z with the speed 30 m / min. This allows the milling with a high class of surface cleanliness and improved performance compared with a series of MV. To choose a buyer offers high-speed spindles 8000, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 rev / min.

BMV series

BMV series – vertical milling centers (. Figure 3), the design of which is specifically designed for “power” continuous milling the triple shift operation. To this end, alongside equipment also serves BT40 spindle spindle VT50.

Fig.  3. Vertical machining center BMV 1600.  Fig.  4. The high-torque planetary gearbox of ZF (Germany).

This series is particularly popular due to the presence of components of known manufacturers. For example, spindle, gear transmission company HAMADA (Japan), high-torque planetary gearbox of the ZF (Germany,, thanks to which is possible to develop a truly “monstrous” spindle torque moment to 445 Nm (Fig. 4). As an option, the drive 22 kW (standard – 15 kW).

Features three BMV drive one for series (models with BT-50 spindle) are shown in Figure 5.

Fig. 5. A belt drive, b-gear drive, in-gear drive

It is thanks to these characteristics, machining centers BMV series are popular in the domestic and foreign markets. “Workhorse” at a reasonable price “- so these machines have proven themselves in the demanding markets of Japan and South Korea.

The main technical characteristics of the most popular models BMV series are shown in Table 2.



MH series

MH Series – horizontal milling OTs, equipped rotary table (500×500 mm 630h630 mm 800×800 mm) for a 4-sided workpiece in a single setup, are available as by odnopalletnom and with automatic pallet changer. This enables virtually continuous processing.


In 2008, in a series MH another novelty: high-speed horizontal machining center MH500 (figure 6.). Accelerated movement of the axes X / Y / Z constitute 30/30/30 m / min, the acceleration 0,4 / 0,4 / 0,4 g, and wherein the construction machine is designed to “force” milling (VT50 and maximum spindle 20 kg of tool weight). Machine weight 14000 kg. The main distinguishing feature of all machining centers MILLSTAR considered rigid cast frame, the weight of the machining centers MILLSTAR 15-20% more than similar competitor models on the market of Ukraine. To enable the 5-sided machining of parts in a single setup options are available as tilt-swivel tables. For more details on the specifications, options and applications processing centers MILLSTAR you can find on the website of the company “VariTek”, which is the exclusive distributor in the territory of Ukraine.

Fig.  6. Horizontal Machining Center MH500


Detailed information on the official website of the company VariTek >>