With us – You earn

With us – You earn. Group of companies «VariUs»

О компании
History and general information about “VariUs” group

Technical Centre «VariUs» is one of the biggest companies of Ukraine, which specialize in supplies of equipment, tools and spare parts to the industrial enterprises. Our company provides the full service in delivery, capital repairs, revitalization and modernization of metalworking equipment, including CNC machines.

Staff of Technical Centre «VariUs» includes highly-qualified specialists, who have great experience of work at the technical enterprises. These are: production engineers, programmers, setup operators, salesmen, service and modernization engineers as well as the staff of administration department.

«TaeguTec Ukraine» is a joint Ukrainian and Korean company, which specializes in complex supplies of a wide range of cutting tools produced by «TaeguTec» (South Korea). «TaeguTec Ukraine» also provides a complete set of work in implementation and further technological support of the supplied tools.

«TaeguTec Ukraine» LLC – is a unique enterprise of technological service in the field of metalworking production. Logistics of supplies and technical support is provided by highlyqualified specialists of the Logistics Department and Department of Foreign Economic Activities, by the staff of Technological Department as well as Sales Department and Client Support Department. This allows us to provide a timely and qualitative work out of each customer’s request and to give the most effective solution to the task. The main goal of our production engineers is to save the customer’s money.

Company «VariTec» offers a wide range of modern metalcutting equipment for machine-building industry and metallurgy, including provision with tooling systems and technological service. Support during installation work, warranty period as well as service work is provided by own licensed Service Centre.

«VariTec» Ltd is an exclusive representative in Ukraine of a umber of leading world producers of metalworking equipment.

History and general information about “VariUs” group

2004 – Establishing of Technical Centre “VariUs”. Our company has combined in its staff the specialists of some leading design departments, product engineers, who have the period of experience of more than 20 years, and employees with a great experience of work in commercial enterprises of technical area. We have posed a few tasks, connected with the complex supplies of equipment, tools and accessories to the machine building enterprises of Ukraine.

2005 – The Department of Modernization of CNC Machines was opened. We have also created our own laboratory for the efficient preparation of equipment, testing and repair of the component control systems, machine magnetics, servo drives and measuring apparatus.

2006 – Establishing of the Training Centre for new employees and Customers’ specialists on the base of CNC and Component Parts Laboratory.

Thanks to the participation of the specialists of TC “VariUs” in the programs of monitoring and balancing of rotary bodies (shafts and rotors of heat stations and nuclear power plants, working wheels of smoke suckers and compressor stations of metallurgical plants, etc.), in the same year enterprises of power and metallurgical industries became our Customers.

2007 – Establishing of “TaeguTec Ukraine” in Dnepropetrovsk, jointly with “TaeguTec” (South Korea) – this is for providing our Customers with efficient technological support in the field of deliveries of “TaeguTec” accessories and tools. Start of aggressive engineering activities.

2008, February – Establishing of separate company “VariTec” LTD , which specializes exclusively in supplies of modern metalworking equipment. Our company ensures carrying out of installation works, training, warranty and after-sales service.

2009 — The subsidiary of our company in the city Rostov-na-Donu (RF) – company was opened — this is for having the possibility of providing prompt replies to the queries of Russian customers as well as for providing the qualitative service of metal-working equipment, supplied to the customers from Russia.

2010 — A logistic centre was established on the base of the Shipping Department of — this is for providing uninterrupted supplies of equipment and accessories to our customers.

2011 – A training class on methods of effective exploitation of modern equipment is created in Dnepropetrovsk, based on Service center of machine tools with CNC, and is successfully functioning for specialists of industrial enterprises in Ukraine.

2012 – An administrative and business center with an area of 750 square meters is constructed, including exhibition space, as well as classes for technical seminars and training of specialists. In addition, a modern showroom for demonstration of equipment with CNC, equipped with innovative metal-cutting tools is created on the territory of the center.

At the present time Technical Centre “VariUs” is one of the largest companies of Ukraine in the field of development of technological processes and complex equipping of enterprises with metalworking equipment, tools and accessories.

Specialists of Technological Department of our company (total number is 50 persons) are oriented to performing the full cycle of preparation, installation as well as support of the Customer’s production program.

As a result, even before buying the equipment, the customer perfectly knows the sum of planned costs, future productivity, has the sequence diagram of each part’s production and, accordingly, knows the net cost of products.

The presence in our company of Service Centre on servicing the CNC machines allows to cut to the minimum the idle time of production due to the equipment failure.

Besides, we provide the product engineers of plants with all the necessary (or new) information about the opportunities of equipment. We also support product engineers with an aim of guaranteeing the highest productivity and quality of products.

Work with Technical Centre “VariUs” is constantly supported with technical seminars on the base of our Training Centre, at the Customer’s industrial site, at the sites of equipment and tools Producers – in Germany, South Korea, Spain, etc.

Our main advantage: one company is responsible for the whole process of production preparation. The transfer of responsibility for discrepancy of plans and reality from machine operators to tool makers and back becomes impossible.

Responsibility is our second name!!!

Training Center

Any enterprise of Ukraine, acquiring modern machine tools with CNC, or already operating such equipment, face the necessity of training on methods of effective exploitation of equipment of newly arrived staff of technological departments and machine operators.

Programmers and technologists of Service center of machine tools with CNC, as well as the CAD/CAM programming department, regularly conduct training seminars for its employees, as well as at the request of industrial enterprises and universities of Ukraine.

Such training programs are conducted on a paid basis. The individual training program with consideration of the peculiarities of machinery equipment of the customer and the existing qualifications level of specialists is developed separately for each company. In case of purchase by an enterprise of new equipment with CNC, supplied by TC «VariUs», the experts of the company practice outreach programs with training on the enterprise and on the equipment, which directly is being put into operation under the contracts of equipment supply.

In case of purchasing of CAD/CAM program complex ESPRIT, the programmers of our company conduct a free training course for specialists of the customer or at its production capacity, or in a specialized class on the territory of service center of TC «VariUs».

Learning outcomes may be retained in a practical way on the modern equipment DOOSAN, which is installed in the showroom of the company «VariTec», located on the territory of the Service center. There is also a possibility to choose а TaeguTec cutting tool and carry out the practical test with working off the cutting modes. Extract from the interview with the creator of the company DP Technology Corp. (USA) – Dan Paul:
“Industries, which require the use of high-tech, complex machines (aerospace, energy industry, engineering, etc.) are now actively developing in Ukraine. It is impossible to deal with it without the appropriate service and software…”